An Open Letter to Voters

Who is the real Alan Cole? 

Besides the campaign brochures and literature that you have read, who is the man behind the face?  Well, he is the neighbor that everyone wants to have in their neighborhood. From someone who knows him well, let me tell you a little more about the candidate and what he has done for his community.

Alan and his wife moved into the Oak Forest Hills Subdivision some 43 years ago.  He has fought development from encroaching into his neighborhood and surrounding areas since day one.  He has appeared before the DeKalb County zoning board and Brookhaven City Council over 9 times to continue to keep Ashford Dunwoody Road from Oak Forest Drive to Blackburn Park residential neighborhoods.  It has been a tough fight with developers spending large sums of money to hire prominent zoning lawyers to rezone property along Ashford Dunwoody Road and even Oak Forest Hills neighborhood to multi-family or commercial properties.  Alan and a handful of dedicated homeowners fought for years with Georgia Power concerning the sub-station at the corner of Perimeter Summit and Ashford Dunwoody Road.  What substation you say?  This substation is the most expensive substation Georgia Power Company has built and thanks to the hard work of this small group of individuals, it is attractive and not an eyesore to our neighborhoods.  People driving by would never know that the substation is even located there. Alan continues to work on traffic congestion on Ashford Dunwoody Road by serving on the Ashford Dunwoody Corridor Study Committee.

Besides his commitment to keep commercial properties from taking over the residential neighborhoods, Alan is the person who shows up on “Grandparent’s Day” at Montgomery Elementary School when a youngster does not have a Grandfather to be there to have lunch with him or her. He has participated in the MES Fun Run for three years raising money for the Montgomery physical education program.  Let’s not forget about the “Wacky Races” either.  For the past two years, Alan has donated his time, energy and heavy equipment to deliver dirt for the Chamblee Middle School Fun Mud Run which also raised large sums of money for the Chamblee Middle School.

Alan is the neighbor who gets a call to bring over his shop vac to vacuum up water when a neighbor’s hot water heater burst at night.  He is the one who kept a puppy for several days before Christmas so that three neighborhood children would be surprised on Christmas morning. He is there with tools in hand to help Santa put together toys until 2 a.m. on Christmas morning.  He is the man who helps start a neighbor’s car or picks someone up at the Marta station when they needed a ride home.  Did I mention that Alan and his wife have rescued over 15 dogs over the years?

For over 25 years Alan was crew chief at the Atlanta Road Race. Many of you did not even live in Atlanta during this period of time. Rising before 3:00 am, he was there making sure that the runners were safe and stayed on course during the race.  Some say that the 4th of July is just a day to celebrate by running in the Annual Road Race and cooking out however so much more work goes on behind the scene by hundreds of volunteers like Alan.

For those of you who have children playing ball at Murphey Candler Park, do you know that Alan helped build the very first batting cage at the Park?  Over the years bigger and better batting cages have been constructed however he and another neighbor built the very first facility at Murphey Candler. Speaking of the Park, Alan is the guy who sprays annually for poison ivy/oak along the walking trails.

He is a good man with his heart and intentions in the right place.  His #1 goal is to keep our neighborhood OUR neighborhood.  This is why you should vote for Alan Cole to be your representative for House District 80. He is the person you want for the job.  He is the one who has been actively involved in his neighborhood, the City and the County.  After having been a Captain in the US Army and a small business owner for many years, he is now retired and can devote full time to the job of House Representative for District 80.

Alan has the experience you want and is the person you need.  This is truth from someone who knows him well – his wife of 45 years!

Marie M. Cole